Marketing and Distribution


In consultation with the client, we craft, develop and execute a unique global marketing plan for each event, including partnership and in-cinema marketing.

The marketing plan for the event extends the client brand to the cinema environment, via digital trailers for use in cinema to pre-promote the event, in-cinema posters, flyers and web assets. We prepare a customized timeline of activities and manage the campaign from origination through to and following the event date.

We work with the client to determine which of its assets can be utilized to promote the event, for example web and email communication, member outreach, and publicity efforts.

Exhibitor venue coordination

We handle all aspects of the event coordination with exhibitors: contracting, ensuring cinemas are provided with and utilize approved marketing assets to promote the event, the satellite delivery of event and collection of revenues.


For some of our clients, when desired, we Executive Produce the event, including sourcing the HD production team (U.S. and UK), helping select a director and booking the host venue for the production. All of our events are produced in HD 1080i and Dolby 5.1 surround sound.


We coordinate and oversee all of the satellite delivery, nationally and internationally, including testing and event delivery. We keep in close contact with all exhibitors to ensure the highest quality of delivery and rate of exhibition success for each event.